Office Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore: Hassle Free & Effective

How Office Cleaning Can Enhance Productivity and Morale De Hygienique

We understand office carpet cleaning can create some inconvenience to your organisation’s operation. Thus, we aim to deliver hassle-free and effective carpet cleaning solutions for your office carpet.

1. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
By using mainly biodegradable material such as maize and wood compounds, De Hygienique uses 90% less water during the entire cleaning process than conventional carpet cleaning. This equates to no drying time required after carpet cleaning is completed, water-saving, and energy-saving, as you do not need to keep the AC turned on overnight to dry your carpet.


2. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Process
Instead of injecting litres of water and cleaning shampoo into the carpet, De Hygienique applies small and moist sponges into the carpet to absorb embedded dirt. We use motorised counter rotating brush to open up the flattened carpet pile and ensure the cleaning sponges are evenly spread into the carpet to effectively clean the carpet from within.

The soiled compound would be thoroughly discarded after the cleaning treatment. Carpet cleaning treatment will be completed after the carpet disinfection process using a patented chemical safe product from Europe, to eliminate microorganisms that thrive in the carpet.

3. High-Performance Cleaning
Seeing is believing. We have more than 15 years of experience in carpet cleaning and De Hygienique always strives to do our best to tackle all types of carpet conditions and produce the best cleaning result.

before and after de hygienique carpet cleaning
Amidst our best, there are stains that cannot be removed because of many factors, such as the nature of stains, age of stains, type of cleaning chemical used prior to our carpet cleaning treatment, etc. Thus, no professional carpet cleaner can guarantee 100% removal of all stains on the carpet.

Using European made carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning products, our trained carpet cleaning specialists are equipped with excellent tools and experience to ensure your office carpets are cleaned by professionals for the professionals.

4. Clean Carpet and Improve Productivity
Do you know that office carpet traps a high amount of dust and dirt, excluding microorganisms like mould and dust mites? It’s medically proven prolonged exposure to these accumulated indoor pollutants in the carpet can potentially cause health hazards, especially to those who are allergic to these allergens.

Periodic carpet cleaning service, we recommend at least once a year, will not only help to improve your office’s indoor air quality, refresh the stale air in the office, your co-workers will definitely feel happier working when the office carpet looks bright and clean. Happy workers will deliver better productivity!

Office Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

Freqently Asked Questions

De Hygienique can clean all fabric carpet used for commercial flooring. We use carpet cleaning technology and products that are certified safe by international carpet cleaning certification bodies like Insititute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Woolsafe to ensure our cleaning system produces safe and effective cleaning result.

  • Without water and shampoo, how does your cleaning method clean carpet thoroughly?

    De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service can clean your carpet just like any conventional carpet shampooing method:

    De Hygienique uses counter-rotating brushes and environmentally friendly, moistened compounds to deep clean carpet pile.

    The sponge-like compounds will be brushed into the carpet pile using the carpet cleaning machine. The biodegradable compounds, made of wood, maize, and chemical safe carpet cleaning agent, will absorb dirt within the carpet pile effectively. The soiled compounds will be thoroughly removed and discarded at the end of the carpet cleaning treatment. As we do need to rinse the carpet after the cleaning treatment, we do not need to discard any water waste after the cleaning is completed.

  • Can you remove all the stains on the carpet?

    Not every stain can be removed during the cleaning treatment. Stain removal depends on the nature of the stain – i.e. age of stains, types of stain, which stain removal product was used prior to our cleaning treatment.

  • Will my carpet become dirty more easily after the carpet cleaning?

    De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning cleans the carpet pile from within the carpet pile. This means that our cleaning system would brush and clean the carpet pile from the bottom-up direction.

    Insufficient rinsing of carpet shampoo often leads to rapid soiling after carpet cleaning. However, as our cleaning technology does not use carpet shampoo to clean carpet, the cleaned carpet will not soil easily after the cleaning treatment.

  • How often does my carpet need to be cleaned professionally?

    Depending on the amount of human traffic, most carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. If traffic is high, more frequent cleaning would be required.

  • Will you leave behind chemical residue after the cleaning?

    De Hygienique uses chemical safe, environmentally friendly cleaning product for our carpet cleaning treatment so we would not leave behind harmful chemical residue after the carpet cleaning is completed.

  • Can we walk on the carpet after you clean our carpet?

    Yes, you can. Our carpet cleaning does not use water during the cleaning process, so your carpet will remain relatively dry during the entire cleaning process. By the time our Service Technicians leave your premises, your carpet can be used immediately.

Contact our customer service for more information about De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning services.

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