Reasons to Engage Mattress Cleaning Company

Sure, you have been sleeping on mattresses that have NOT been cleaned professionally for many decades of your life and you are still alive, healthy and kicking well. So why should you engage a mattress cleaning company?

Reason #1: You are sleeping with millions of mites every night

If this reason has not started you to ponder about the cleanliness of your mattress beneath the clean silky bed linen and bed cover, then how about discovering that there are millions of dust mites that are feeding on skin flakes shed from your body and “pooping” in your mattress when you are sleeping?

These dust mites are not harmful on their own. But their excrements have been medically proven to cause potential harm to many people especially those who are allergic to dust mites. Even if you are not sensitive to dust mites’ excrements, would you be comfortable sleeping on a mattress inhibiting millions of dust mites and their excrements?

Reason #2: Regular Cleaning Lengthen Your Mattress Lifespan

Our body shed dead skins as we respire at night when we slumber. These fine skin particles settle within the mattress together with dust and other fine dirt particles. Over weeks, months and years, the amount of accumulated “rubbish” would become an added weight within the mattress structure. If the accumulated rubbish is not thoroughly cleaned and removed, the piled up pressure may damage the mattress over time.

Reason #3: Choosing wrong cleaning method may cause irreversible damage

The mattress is made of delicate and fine material to produce high level of comfort for a good night sleep. Contrary to common practice and beliefs, the mattress cannot be washed with water and soap. In fact, leading mattress manufacturers only recommend vacuuming of mattress for DIY cleaning method. Reputable mattress cleaning company would use specialized mattress cleaning equipments to ensure thorough cleaning, getting rid of the embedded dust, dirt particles and micro organisms, without causing damage to the furniture.

Always check with your potential mattress cleaning companies how the proposed cleaning process will be conducted before engaging their service. Unfortunately, there are many cleaning companies that use wrong cleaning method to deep clean mattress which may often cause irreparable damage. Damage to mattress will not be obvious at the beginning but when mattress owners discover the defect, the condition would have been too late to be repaired.

For more assurance, check with your furniture retailer for their preferred cleaning partner if you are doubtful which cleaning company you should engage.

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