Rug Cleaning During Festive Periods

Rugs come in various shapes and sizes. They can be intricately ornate with beautiful patterns or simple and plain. They could hold meaning if it had been purchased on a memorable holiday or an heirloom that was passed down through generations. They immediately transform the atmosphere of the room, creating cozy spaces for family and friends especially during festivities!

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Why do I need to clean my rugs?

Rugs play an important role other than beautifying our homes. They act as an indoor filter, trapping and holding dirt, crumbs, dust, and other microorganisms and allergens like dust mites. And like any other filter, it is essential to regularly clean them to prolong the lifespan of the rug and improve the air quality in the home.

When rugs are placed in areas with high traffic, the fibres of the rugs can get flattened and hard. Deep cleaning will help give them a new lease of life with brighter colours and softer fibre. That is exactly what we need when we are expecting streams of visitors into our home during this festive period.

How often should I clean my rugs?

Rugs should be regularly and frequently vacuumed to remove surface dirt and dust. Every 6-12 months, rugs should be deep cleaned to remove particles that are trapped deep in the fibres of the rug. During festivities where foot traffic is higher and chances of spills are higher, rugs should be deep cleaned more often.

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How does De Hygienique Clean Rugs?

The rug is vacuumed and agitated to loosen and remove dirt and particles. Then, environmentally friendly agents are brushed into the rug to absorb the remaining dirt.

Counter-rotating brushes are used to further clean the rug while lifting up flattened rug fibres, giving the fibres a softer feel. The rug is spot treated with a chemical safe stain remover to soak up tougher stains.

Should the rug produce an unpleasant odour, odour removal treatment will be proposed by our cleaning specialists to neutralize the odour.

Finally, cleaned rugs will be sanitized with De Hygienique’s chemical safe treatment that will eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms like dust mites, mould and fungi.

Carpet being vacuumed

To re-experience the softness and beauty of your rugs during this season of joyful celebrations, contact our customer service for a rug cleaning appointment. Or, you may simply drop your rugs off at our workshop and our customer service officers will contact you when they are ready for collection.

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