Sofa Shampooing And Its Benefits

Every so often, you might spot some marks and stains on your sofa — and truth be told, that’s a telltale sign that your sofa is due for a shampooing session.

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We’re all aware of the fact that stains that are treated quickly are relatively easier to address than stains that have been left to sit for a long period of time. However, addressing a stain with DIY methods likely isn’t your best bet, for they do not guarantee to work well and often cause more harm than good to your upholstery.

As such, professional cleaning services have incorporated the use of sofa shampooing and professional tools to thoroughly clean a fabric sofa set.

Why Invest in Professional Sofa Shampooing When There’s a DIY Method?

The thing about this DIY method is, the effort required to clean a sofa that may or may not become cleaner is extremely unmotivating. Also, there are just some stains that are incredibly difficult to remove with DIY methods, regardless of the time and energy spent on it.

Therefore, professionals employ the use of sofa shampoos to help tackle these pesky issues, and fortunately, by using the correct shampoo formula and equipment, professional sofa shampoo specialists have seen tremendous results that most likely wouldn’t be possible with basic DIY methods.

Sofa being cleaned with machine

  • Sofa shampooing typically involves loading a piece of specialised industrial equipment with the right amount of water and cleaning solution.
  • Following this, the machine combs through the sofa as it releases the shampoo, while a brush is used to scrub the solution deep into the sofa.
  • The sofa is then left to dry completely, and oftentimes, equipment designed to remove moisture is used to ensure that the sofa leaves no traces of the shampoo. Skipping this step may cause mould to form, resulting in a funky odour.

How We Do It?

 Traditional cleaning methods are a thing of the past, and providing a cleaner, safer home with only the latest of technologies has been a belief we’ve held closely.

Fabric sofa before and after professional sofa cleaning

Today, De Hygienique relies on the latest equipment that allows for an effective and efficient sofa cleaning, at the expense of little to no downtime.

To top it off, our thorough selection of cleaning products have shown to prevent fabric discolouration, and to be effective against stains, all while eliminating germs and microorganisms that may pose harm to you and your loved ones.

Now that you know the map to a cleaner and safer sofa, let us take the wheel by engaging us today!

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