Sofa Steam Cleaning

Let’s face it, given a choice, we all want to clean our sofas in the easiest way possible. If only there was an easier solution that could help us achieve this.

But wait, there is! Sofa steam Cleaner

By only using water and no chemicals, steam can clean different types of surfaces quite effectively. This method of cleaning has many wondering where the dirt goes after steam cleaning.

Sofa being cleaned with steam
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Where does the dirt go when you steam clean? When using a sofa steam cleaner, the dirt does not “go anywhere”. Instead, the dirt is broken down by the heat from the water vapor but remains in the area. To remove the loosened dirt from the area, you need to manually wipe it with a steam mop, cloth, or vacuum it.

Besides regular vacuuming, using a sofa steam cleaner could be your next option for surface cleaning. Steam cleaning your fabric sofa could not only help break down dirt, grime, and grease on the fabric, hot steam can help kill germs too.

What is the difference between steam cleaning and shampooing?

Many people think these two cleaning processes are the same, but there are some significant differences between these methods.

When comparing steam clean vs shampooing, consider the benefits and disadvantages of each method.

Sofa steam cleaner is a natural and effective surface cleaning method. It stands out among other cleaning systems as it just requires water and heat to make your sofa as good as new.

Shampooing, on the other hand, offers more in-depth cleaning results. Sofa shampooing entails using shampoo, and possibly other stain removal products, to clean the dirt out of the sofa. Sofa shampooing is usually performed by cleaning professionals who have the necessary equipment and products to clean the fabric sofa effectively.

Unlike steam cleaning, sofa shampooing can be more tedious and time-consuming. After shampooing, the fabric sofa usually requires an additional drying process before it can be sat on.

If you are searching for a deeper clean, consider shampooing your sofa as it cleans thoroughly whereas steam cleaning only cleans the surface dirt.

If there are stains on your sofa, treat the stains before steam cleaning your fabric sofa. Go for professional shampooing if there are heavy stains accumulated on the sofa.

Sofa cleaning that almost does not need a long drying process is unheard of until De Hygienique introduced a low moisture upholstery cleaning treatment. 

Sofa being cleaned with machine

Advantages of Low Moisture Sofa Cleaning Service

  • Safe on most fabric sofa type
  • Effective cleaning results
  • Almost no drying time


De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning treatment effectively cleans and removes dirt from the sofa. We are technically trained by international cleaning institutions and equipped with safe stain removal products to tackle different types of stains on the sofa. Although there could be stains that cannot be removed as they have been integrated into the fabric or leather permanently, we always strive to provide our best service to our customers.

To get a complimentary onsite assessment on your sofa and other upholstered furniture, please contact our customer service officers for the earliest appointment booking.

Infographic: Sofa Steam Cleaning (Steam Clean vs Shampooing)

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