“Spring” cleaning your home


Chinese in China take spring cleaning seriously to welcome the beginning of spring season and prepare their home for Lunar New Year celebration.

Although we don’t have four seasons in Singapore, many of us ride on the Chinese New Year festive mood to give our home an annual thorough decluttering and cleaning.

Most of us are well-versed in regular general home cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping, cleaning of toilets and kitchen wares.

So, we have decided to list down some areas in our home which we tend to overlook so we can give our home a thorough cleaning during this season.

• Curtains / Blinds – If you haven’t sent your curtains for laundry for a long time, it’s time to take down those fabric and send them down for dry cleaning. Curtains collect dust. They should be sent for cleaning twice a year. Window blinds should be wiped clean with a clean damp cloth.

• Table tops and drawers – Take this opportunity to declutter our tables and drawers and give them a thorough wipe. You will be surprised with the amount of dirt, dust and unwanted items that have accumulated over the year.

• Bed – Engage professional cleaning service to thoroughly clean your mattress which has collected thick layer of dust and dirt within the mattress. Push the bed off the wall to vacuum and mop the floor below your bedding. Clean the back of the bed and headboard too.

• Air-conditioner – Call your regular air conditioner cleaning technician to give your AC a thorough cleaning of the filter and outer cover if your AC has not been cleaned for the past 6 months.

• Kitchenware – It’s time to dismantle and give your cooker hood and stove grills to give them thorough washing. Greasy cooker hood filters and stove grills should be soaked overnight in hot water and dishwashing detergent. Wipe dry after rinsing before reinstalling them to their original positions.

• Sofa and dining chairs – Professional sofa cleaning service providers will help you to thoroughly clean this bulky item in your home. Thorough cleaning should include removal of seats and back cushions to be vacuumed and shampooed. If you have leather sofa and chairs, the furnishings should be vacuumed, shampooed and moisturised. Wipe the legs of your dining chairs and table with a clean damp cloth.

Carpets and rugs – Get them professionally cleaned for a thorough in-depth cleaning to remove accumulated dirt, dust, micro organism and hopefully remove stains which you may have overlooked. Not all stains can be removed. Old stains are often most difficult to remove because the chemical reactions have caused the fabric to discolour. It’s always better to engage professional cleaners every quarterly.

• Toilet bowls – Engage home cleaners to give your bathroom a thorough cleaning. If you want to DIY, start with the toilet bowls as unhealthy dirt are trapped under the rim, behind and the sides of the toilet bowl. These areas that are often overlooked should be wiped clean with detergent and scrubbed using toilet cleaners.

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