Step-by-step Guide on How to Clean A Mattress

Keeping your mattress away from bacteria, mould and embedded dirt is vital for you and your mattress’s health. Cleaning your mattress regularly and thoroughly is the ideal way to keep your mattress looking and smelling good, all the time. Today’s read will present to you a simple guide on cleaning your mattress at home.

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Step 1 – Vacuum The Mattress 

Vacuuming your mattress thoroughly cleans off accumulated dust and dirt particles, providing you with a clean bedding to sleep on. Without vacuuming your mattress, you’re essentially allowing dust and dirt to remain embedded in your mattress, causing your mattress to smell bad and become harder to clean.

Step 2 – Remove Visible Stains

Mattress stains are notoriously difficult to remove – but if it’s a fresh stain, chances are you’ll be able to remove or lighten the stain by blotting on it with a damp cloth immediately. Never rub the stain with a damp cloth, as that’ll push the stain further into your mattress, making it significantly harder to remove.

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Step 3 – Sprinkle Baking Soda

Baking soda helps to absorb any moisture and funky scents from your mattress. Simply sprinkle a decent amount of baking soda on your mattress and let it sit for 4 to 8 hours while it absorbs the odours from your mattress.

Step 4 – Vacuum Your Mattress Again

Once you’ve allowed the baking soda to sit for some time, it’s time to vacuum it all off. Do take note to be meticulous at this stage and ensure that all of the baking soda is completely removed from your mattress. After which, let your mattress dry in the sun, and you’re good to go. If you cannot sun, you may wish to air the mattress for another 3 hours before covering the mattress with a fresh bedsheet.



Dirt removed from mattress cleaning

Engaging a professional mattress cleaning service is always a better option. Cleaning professionals are equipped with specialised machinery, ensuring the job gets done. Besides, when the going gets tough, it’s always wiser to leave it to the professionals to prevent the possibility of making things worse.

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