The Causes of Unsightly Yellow Stains On Mattresses

Ever had to come across unsightly yellow stains on your mattress? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Regardless of how religiously you maintain the cleanliness of your mattress, it seems like nothing is helping keep those ugly stains at bay.

Luckily for you, this happens to the best of us and having a stained mattress is completely normal. In fact, having yellow stains on your mattress is something that’s rather inevitable – and today’s read will tell you exactly why!


Sweat seeping into your mattress is arguably the most common cause of yellow stains appearing on your mattress. In our tropical climate, night sweat is common and almost inevitable. Apart from mattresses, sweat can also cause your pillows and bolsters to be stained with yellow spots.

It’s quintessential to understand why sweat causes yellow stains to form on your mattress – and this is due to the presence of moisture found in sweat! Although sweat stains may not be visible initially, they do in fact cause yellow stains to appear on your mattress, and is often accompanied by a musty odour.

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Oil & Grease

Oil released by our bodies is a common factor contributing to the appearance of yellow stains on mattresses. Our body naturally secrets oil from areas such as our scalp and skin pores, thus resulting in oil seeping through the bedsheets and accumulating on the mattress. This can most certainly cause yellow stains.

Furthermore, if you’ve got a habit of eating in bed, the grease from your food can also find its way onto your mattress. The natural secretion of body oil is inevitable, but eating in bed can definitely be avoided – which is highly recommended if you want to keep your mattress free from those nasty yellow stains!

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If you live in a household with children, bedwetting is probably not a foreign topic to you. Urine, whether it be from children or pets, can and will cause the forming of yellow stains on your mattress as they make their way through your bedsheets.

Leaving urine uncleaned from your mattress will lead to more than just yellow stains – a musty and unpleasant odour will most likely fill the room if the urine is left to sit for too long! No one likes living in filth, so it’s essential to immediately remove, clean and dry your bedsheets. Don’t forget to clean your mattress with a fabric cleaner spray before putting the bedsheets back on!

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Yellow stains on mattresses are not easy to remove as they are extremely stubborn. On that note, your best bet would be to engage a professional immediately after staining your mattresses. Once time passes and those yellow stains start to settle, it’d be even more difficult for them to be removed. Nevertheless, you should look for a professional mattress cleaning service to have them removed, although it usually isn’t guaranteed that all of the stains can actually be removed.

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