The Science Behind Mattress Cleaning

Washing bed sheets and pillowcases are not simple 5-minute housework, but cleaning a mattress is on a whole other level. While bed sheets and pillowcases can be washed in the washing machine, mattresses cannot.

Picture with title "The Science Behind Mattress Cleaning"You would need special equipment or tools to be able to thoroughly wash your mattress. Despite the difficulty of cleaning your mattress, the need to clean it is more important than you think. Accumulated dust, dirt particles and skin flakes all lead to the accumulation of indoor allergens. Knowing that, here’s an inside look into how the professional De Hygienique mattress cleaning specialists do it!


Firstly, the mattress cleaning system pulverises embedded dirt that is clumped up in the mattress. This is done by vibrating the bigger clumps of dirt into smaller particles to make them easier to remove.


After pulverization, the smaller particles would be extracted into a tightly woven high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) bag, which safely traps and collects the unhygienic dirt and dust. This process is called the extraction process.

Dirt and dust extractedDisinfection

Simultaneously, the mattress will be sanitized using an in-built UV-C light. This light was designed specifically for mattress disinfection. This sanitisation process eliminates the bacteria and other microorganisms like house dust mites in your mattress.

Mattress being sanitised using UV-C light

Double Sanitisation

Lastly, the mattress goes through another round of sanitisation, whereby a chemical safe solution is used. This solution not only kills bacteria, but it also helps delay the re-infestation of dust mites in the mattress, making sure your mattress stays hygienic for longer period.


Man sanitising mattress with chemical solutionThe Help You Need

Now that you know how mattresses are cleaned by the professionals, leave your mattresses in our hands. Give us a call and we will be able to go down to your home and do the cleaning right there and then. Rest assured your mattress will go through a stringent cleaning process that is 100% dry, chemical safe and is exactly like the one we described above!

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