Things You Don’t Know About Office Hygiene

Do you know that the cubicle where you are working in right now contain more germs and bacteria than the toilet in your home? How can this happen?

It has been proven that items in your office cubicles which you touch often contain the most concentrated amount of bacteria and germs. This is mainly caused by our frequent contacts with surfaces or people that are also highly “contaminated”.

Yes, you can be shocked to know polls have shown that 1 in 6 people have admitted not washing their hands after using the toilet. You can now imagine the amount of germs and bacteria that have attached on these hands and transferred to the next person or surfaces they get in contact with after that. So that’s literally how germs and bacteria transfer from one surface to another and they multiply as more people come into contact with one another.

So where are the hotspots?

  1. Office phone
  2. Computer keyboard
  3. Computer mouse
  4. Photocopier machine
  5. Door knobs or handles
  6. Desk table

The above is a list of office tools which office workers come in contact with frequently. These items have been found to contain some of the highest amount of germs and bacteria. To protect yourself, you should regularly wipe these items or surfaces with antibacterial solution. Other experts advise using alcohol base hand sanitizers as alcohol kill bacteria and viruses immediately.

Besides keeping your office tools and your hands clean, breathing in poor quality air in the office can become hazardous too. Bacteria and mildew are found to thrive within air conditioners that can potentially cause health problems especially for those who have low immunity. To ensure good indoor air quality, air conditioners in the office should be regularly cleaned, serviced and disinfected to rid thriving microorganisms.

Office carpet contains high amount of dust, airborne dirt particles and allergens like dust mites. Regular vacuuming and thorough professional cleaning is required to effectively remove the embedded dirt and microorganisms from the carpet.

The kitchen pantry in the office should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Utensils and mugs should be washed immediately after use. Dirty and poorly maintained pantry is a breeding ground for pests like cockroaches, ants and even rodents. Refrigerator in the pantry should also be cleaned regularly as the fridge can contain bacteria especially if it is regularly used to keep food by office workers. Use your own mugs and utensils whenever possible and ensure they are regularly washed and kept in clean and hygienic area.

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