Tips to Maintain Fabric Wall

There are different types of fabric wall which you can choose when shopping for ideas to decorate your room interior. You can choose from fabric covered cushion, or some call fabric wrapped wall panel, to wallpaper. Although these decorative wall are not used practically, they can still collect fine dust and turn dull colour after a period of time if they are not maintained properly.

Below are some simple tips to maintain your wall

1. Dust / vacuum your wall regularly

Gently vacuum your wall using the upholstery head brush attachment. Systematically, run the brush head from the top of the wall to the bottom. Ensure the entire upholstered wall is thoroughly vacuumed. Fabric wall should be vacuumed at least once a month or more frequently if you reside in dusty environment.

2. Attend to stains immediately

Although almost impossible since the fabric wall can be hardly touched, staining can still occur on fabric wall caused by moisture, mold, or accidental staining caused by food or even pen mark.

Whenever stains occur, rule of the thumb is always attend to the fresh spillage as soon as possible. Stains that are unattended can easily form into permanent mark. Even water spillage can become a permanent watermark if not attended to quickly.

For water spillage, always dry the wet area quickly with hair dryer using the cool mode. This action will prevent watermark from forming.

Other stains like mold, food spillage etc, blot the spot first using a damp cloth and mild dishwashing detergent. Always rinse the detergent by blotting the spot with clean cloth and some water and end the spot cleaning by drying the wet area. Stains on wallpaper are trickier to manage as they are more delicate and can tear easily if done in the wrong way. You should check with the wallpaper retailer / installer for advice when you want to remove stain.

3. Regular Thorough Cleaning

Some washable wallpaper can be cleaned with particular cleanser and cloth. Check the products with your wallpaper retailer to ensure products are safe for use.

For fabric covered cushion, there are professional upholstery cleaning service providers who can render excellent maintenance result to refresh the fabric and remove embedded dirt and dust particles beneath.

If stains have been spotted and cannot be removed despite after trying to remove them yourself, professional service should be engaged to help remove the stains quickly before the stains penetrate into the fibre.

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