Top 3 Common Stubborn Stains On Fabric Sofa

Professional sofa cleaning service provider always aims to remove all visible stains from your fabric furnishings. However, no one can promise he can guarantee all stains can be 100% removed. There are a lot of intricacies of the chemical constitution of the stain and fabric material which will determine the efficacy of stain removal treatments.

Below is a list of top 3 stubborn stains commonly found on fabric upholstery.

1. Wine and blood stains

Wine and blood spillages can be easily removed when spillage is attended to immediately. Dried blood stains are more difficult to remove as blood oxidises and tends to form brown stain. Red wine contains tannin that can stain the fabric soon after spillage occurs. Prompt attention is the key success to effective stain removal.

2. Food Stains

Protein and acid in food stains are the common culprit that make stains from food challenging to remove. Chocolate, milk, sugary residues and soft drinks are common food and beverage seen on fabric upholstery.

3. Cellulosic browning and watermarks

Browning of fabric occurs when the cellulose fibre fabrics are very wet and dry slowly. Beverage spillage may cause watermark and cellulosic browning, especially when not blotted and dried quickly. To tackle these stains, professional sofa cleaning service specialists will need to use specially formulated acid based solution. As browning is not always correctable, it is best to avoid such stain from occurring. Pre-existing browning problem is unlikely treatable.

What can be done to prevent or minimise damage caused by the above stains?
• Avoid using light coloured upholstery if you have young children or pets in the house.
• Consider using a sofa cover to protect your settees from spillages during parties
• Avoid eating, drinking, or painting on sofa sets that can potentially soil your fabric furnishings.

Most cleaning companies would use safe stain removal products that are specially manufactured to treat specific stains. The effectiveness of these products depend on how much the stain has integrated into the fabric fibers. Do not attempt to remove stains using DIY products unless there are strong recommendations from furniture seller.

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