Top 3 Most Challenging Stains Faced By Cleaning Companies

While all cleaning companies would strive to remove as much stains as possible, no professionals would promise 100% guarantee all stains can be removed. To make their job more challenging, most of the stains cleaning specialists commonly face are dried stains that had been left unattended for days, weeks and months.
In this blog, we have listed top 3 most challenging stains faced by professional cleaning companies.

1. Wine and blood stains

Wine and blood spillages are not tough to treat when stains are still fresh. Dried aged blood stains are difficult to remove. Fresh blood stain will turn into brownish mark overtime because of their reactions when come into contact with oxygen in the air.

Red wine contains dying properties that can potentially dye the fabric soon after spillage occurs. Prompt attention is the key success to effective stain removal.

Most cleaning companies would carry reliable stain removal products that are specially manufactured to treat oxidised stains. The effectiveness of these products depend on how much the stains have integrated into the fabric fibres. Do not attempt to remove stains using DIY products unless there are strong recommendations from experts.

2. Food Stains

Grease in food stains is the culprit that make them difficult to remove. Common food stains encountered are from curry, gravy and even baby food. Food colouring, regardless they are natural or artificial, used in cooking can also cause nightmare if spillages occur on your favourite upholstery or carpet.

3. Sticky tape residue

“Sticky residue from tape marks on carpet can potentially become tough problems to cleaning companies” said Fendi Zhang, General Manager of De Hygienique (Asia) Pte Ltd. Collected dirt and dust particles on sticky residues potentially leave behind dark coloured marks on carpet even after the sticky residues are removed.

What can be done to prevent or minimise damage caused by the above stains?

• Avoid using light coloured carpet or upholstery if you have young children or pets in the house.
• Consider using a sofa cover to protect your settees from spillages during parties
• Avoid performing activities on your carpet or sofa sets that can potentially soil your furnishings, e.g. eating, drinking, drawing, painting etc.
• Applying fabric guard can be a possible option. However, the effectiveness of fabric guard are at its best when freshly applied. Overtime, due to friction and exposure to sunlight, protection will eventually diminish.


*Read more information about De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service treatment.

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