Traits of a good cleaning company

There are tens of cleaning companies listed in a phone directory or internet search engines, even in one of the smallest country in the world like Singapore. While we are spoilt for choice, this also makes selection of cleaning company a more difficult task. Hearing terrible experiences shared via the media and friends can make this process a more taunting one. So what should one look out for when selecting which cleaning service provider to engage?

Relevant Experience

Reputation of the company is an aspect one should evaluate. Reputation should not be just be evaluated by the number of years the corporation had been established, the cleaning service provider should also have the relevant experience that fits your primary needs. Many cleaning companies are a jack of all trades, so it is important to find out what they are specialised in. Such info can be found through words of mouth or can be searched from the Internet.

Quality of Employed Cleaners

If you have a chance to see a cleaning company at work, you will be able to evaluate the company by assessing the cleaning team’s performance, i.e. their professionalism, service attitude towards work and customers, quality of team work, etc. A good company will be able to train and build up teams of good performing staff to ensure excellent job will be carried out according to the company’s vision and goal.

Choice of Cleaning Technology

Cleaning technology has evolved over past decades. Although not all new ones guarantee good results, many of reputable cleaning equipment manufacturers have indeed produced better technologies that have revolutionised cleaning performance. These cutting edge technologies not only improve productivity, they also produce better results with less risks compared to their predecessors. It is worthwhile to research and evaluate what are the available options in the market and decide which cleaning method or technologies would suit better for your needs.

Customer Service Standard

Nowadays we have become incapable to tolerating poor customer service, be it service rendered by doctor, flight attendant, cashier, and even janitors. Customer service is experienced from the first point of contact with a company. It reflects greatly about the company’s professionalism and truism towards their customer. Similarly when considering which cleaning company to engage, one should start evaluating the reliability of the company from the minute you speak to their customer service officer, their knowledge and attitude when they attend to your enquiry and how your requested appointment schedule is being handled.


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