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Singapore (March 18, 2009) – The latest cleaning innovation of the century, WET & DRY CLEANER, a system that can be used to clean on both dry and wet floor, has been launched and released in the Asia market.

Designed and manufactured by Carpet Cleaner GmbH, Austria, who has been developing & manufacturing carpet and upholstery dry cleaning systems for the global market for 20 over years, this system is now available in Asia marketed by De Hygienique (Asia) Pte Ltd.

This WET & DRY CLEANER is a uniquely designed machine for improved cleaning results on carpets, and, it can also be used for hard floor cleaning applications.

Those new applications now include floor washing, scrubbing-drying and tile grout cleaning – especially effective on profiled floors, PVC, tiles, stoneware, natural stone, rubber and non-slip safety floors.

The technical concept is based on two counter-rotating brushes, which provide the necessary brushing (for carpets) or scrubbing (for hard floors) action and collect either the saturated carpet cleaning compound or the dirty water into the newly designed Renovators leaving a dry, clean surface.

Brushes from soft to extra stiff are available to be used on different type of carpet or hard floor material.

Other additional features of this newly released machine also include a compact, stainless steel body and a low noise level.

“The DRY & WET CLEANER is an ideal choice for cleaning premises that have both carpeted and hard floors such as the carpet and pantry area in offices or hotels that will benefit both end-user customers and cleaning service providers as additional business opportunities,” said Mr John Chan, Business Manager of De Hygienique (Asia) Pte Ltd.

“This is because customers can now enjoy the benefits of carpet dry cleaning for periodic, intensive & partial cleaning with no drying times, and at the same time modern hard floor cleaning using one single machine,” Mr Chan explained.

Depending on customer’s needs, the machine is offered in two attractive sizes marketed as PRO 35 and PRO 45 for cleaning capacities up to 125 m² on carpets and 250 m² on hard floors. Capacities may be doubled by twinning the machines.

About Carpet Cleaner GmbH

Carpet Cleaner GmbH has more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing dry carpet and upholstery cleaning system in Austria. These systems have been internationally marketed and distributed in United States, European countries, Japan, South Korea, and other parts of Asian countries.

Carpet Cleaner’s dry carpet cleaning system has been certified by Wool Safe Certification in New Zealand and recommended by many leading carpet manufacturers in the world. For more information, visit www.carpet-cleaner.co.at

About De Hygienique (Asia) Pte Ltd

De Hygienique is Singapore’s leading indoor hygiene service provider and cleaning system distributor for POTEMA® Original Mattress Cleaning System and Carpet Cleaner’s upholstery and Dry carpet cleaning system in Asia Pacific.

De Hygienique has country representatives in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Greater China distributing the cleaning systems carried by De Hygienique and offering the services as well.

De Hygienique is currently looking for regional distributors in Australia, New Zealand and other Asian countries.

For more WET & DRY CLEANER product & training information please contact:

John Chan (Mr)
Business Manager
De Hygienique (Asia) Pte Ltd
Telephone: +65 6749-1950

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