What You Need To Know About The Office Carpet

Living and working under COVID-19, hygiene is our greatest concern. While a carpeted office environment has provided you and your staff with much comfort, you are also treading on a dangerous breeding ground for dirt and germs.

With employees shuffling in and out of the office, dust and bacteria can be driven deep into the carpet fibres and gradually released into the air. Not only that, dusty carpets can attract dust mites whose droppings are known to trigger asthma, eczema, and even rhinitis attacks.

Office worker in front of laptop sneezing

 A Typical Carpet

What’s more, do you know a typical carpet can be dirtier than a toilet seat? Studies show that a typical carpet contains an average of 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making it 4,000 times more infectious than a toilet seat.

When thousands of bacteria feed on millions of dead skin cells and filth (food crumbs, pollen, and soil off of the bottom of your shoes), you can expect your office carpet to become a full-blown buffet spread for germs and bugs that invites pesky allergies and diseases into the workplace.


Working in an enclosed space also means that dust and bacteria can build up quickly. Dust particles trapped in indoor office spaces can quickly clog up air conditioners and ventilation chutes. Over time, dust-lined filters may end up obstructing the function of such ventilation systems, resulting in poor air circulation within the office. As a result, indoor air quality may worsen.

Man wearing surgical mask cleaning the air conditioner

A Healthy Workforce

Every employer should be aware that a healthy workforce is the key to office productivity. That being said, we must not take good air quality for granted. It is important to note that health and productivity can truly take a hit in a workplace with poor air quality.

Studies have widely proven that people who work in well-ventilated offices have significantly higher cognitive function scores when responding to a crisis or developing a strategy. The reverse can be observed in airtight offices lined with dirty carpets.


While regular carpet vacuuming removes loose particles from the top carpet surface, a professional carpet cleaning service is still needed to deep clean the carpet fibres. The professional carpet cleaning system used to clean carpet would thoroughly remove embedded dust and dirt particles accumulated within the carpet. The service also eliminates microorganisms that thrive within the carpet pile.

Carpet being cleaned

One of the popular professional carpet cleaning methods is dry carpet cleaning. Water is not used during the entire cleaning process. Instead, moistened cleaning compound would be applied on the carpet. Counter-rotating brushes carpet cleaning machine then opens up the carpet fibre and allow the compound to absorb dirt deep inside the carpet fibres, efficiently deep cleans the thick carpet pile without wetting the carpeted flooring. Since it does not require any drying time, this dry carpet cleaning is commonly employed in commercial offices.

Of course, that is not the only viable solution. While you have a wide array of choices, we still urge you to engage a professional carpet cleaning service to decide what method works best for your office carpet.

Here at De Hygienique, we use chemical safe and eco-friendly products that are tailored to achieve maximum cleaning results and increase the life span of the carpets. We only use cleaning products that are certified safe by Woolsafe and IICRC, which are international carpet cleaning accreditation bodies. Coupling biodegradable compounds with effective carpet-cleaning machinery, we deep clean and sanitise your office carpets at your convenience.

It is recommended to clean your office carpets twice a year to maintain healthy indoor air quality. However, if the footfall in your office is heavy, you are advised to deep-clean them every three months.

For more information, contact us and book an appointment to have your office carpet cleaned this season.

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