Why Regular Cleaning is Not Enough for Your Sofa

When the topic of cleaning our sofas is brought up, we think of vacuuming it and dusting away dust, as well as the occasional popcorn and biscuit crumbs that get stuck in between the sofa seats from the last time we binge-watched on the TV.

man cleaning sofa with vacuum cleaner

We may have thought that cleaning our sofas this way has kept our homes cleaner, but that may not necessarily be the case as these traditional methods may not be effective at giving our sofas the ‘deep clean’ it requires to truly be considered squeaky clean.

Regular VS Professional Sofa Cleaning

We don’t have to be a scientist or professional to imagine how little work actually gets done when we brush and vacuum away crumbs from our sofa seats. The true culprits that cause your sofas and couches to be considered ‘dirty’ may sometimes be unseen, deep in the fabric or leather!

Over the years of letting your sofa idle around in the living room, dust and dirt, along with measureless amounts of microorganisms have piled up inside that in certain cases, may even be a health hazard when the air gets polluted by the dangerous levels of dust.

So how does a professional sofa cleaning service clean our sofas inside out?

man professionally cleaning of sofa

Don’t worry, we do not need to tear open your sofa and give it a wash. Neither do we have to rely on traditional long drying processes that’d take almost half a day to complete.

Instead, we are armed with professional cleaning equipment, along with modern cleaning technology that effectively cleans your sofas with a unique method called Low Moisture Cleaning.

This method of cleaning is known to be a more environmentally friendly way of cleaning as it uses less moisture, which is also the key reason the entire process can be completed in a shorter amount of time.

De Hygienique staff cleaning the sofa professionally

Uniquely tailored to countries in Asia, low moisture also tackles the growth of microorganisms in the sofa that otherwise thrives in humid and warm environments. Not to mention the quick-drying process that saves a lot of time, and also keeps your sofa protected from shrinkage.

Are you reminded of the last time you gave your sofa a proper clean? If not, we’re here to help. Contact us here to engage our sofa cleaning services!

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