Why Rugs Fade and Turn Dull?

Rugs become dull typically when they are not properly cared. But our many years of rug cleaning experiences have also highlighted improper rug cleaning may also cause rugs to discolour and fade.

Some rug cleaners perform their cleaning treatment using strong chemical like chlorine bleach to make cleaned rugs look brighter and silkier, thus more appealing to rug owners. While the cleaning produces excellent results, many are not aware that the harsh chemicals would cause the rugs very sensitive to spillages, thus creating permanent stains more easily.

Harsh chemicals tend to weaken dyes in the rug fibres which encourage discolouration more easily than those that have not been treated harshly with bleach. When dyes in the rug fibre weaken, rug fade more easily when they are exposed to direct sunlight or in contact with harsh carpet stain removal products. This will make carpet maintenance even more challenging.

Because you will not know how your rugs are cleaned or washed when sent for professional treatment, it is advisable to get referral from your rug retailers or recommendations from friends who had their rugs cleaned before.

To find out if your friends’ rugs had been cleaned by improper rug cleaners, you may run through the rug fibres using your hands to look out for uneven colour at the top and bottom of carpet piles. If the tips of the carpet fibres are much brighter and lighter than the base, the rug is likely to have been cleaned with bleach.

Under normal circumstances, if your rugs have not been adulterated by harsh chemicals, there are some common rug maintenance practices which you should try to do adhere if you want your rugs to stay looking beautiful and soft like new:

  1. Regular vacuuming. Accumulation of dust will definitely cause your rug to look dull and dirty. Not only they are unsightly, the accumulated dust in the rug can increase air pollution in your home. The more often you vacuum, your rug will stay clean longer and look cleaner as well.
  2. Regular rotation. Traffic on carpet can be uneven thus causing certain parts of your rug to wear off faster than the other side. To prevent uneven wear, retailers have advised owners to rotate their rugs regularly, depend on how heavy the traffic is.
  3. Refrain direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will surely cause dyes to fade. Maintaining of rugs can be similar to maintaining our clothes where we should refrain from drying our clothes in direct sunlight as the harsh sun can discolour our clothes.
  4. Immediate stain removal. Always try to blot fresh stains as soon as spillage occurs to prevent permanent staining. Do not attempt to buy off the shelves carpet stain removals unless you have been advised by your rug retailer. Some of the products sold in the market are not suitable for carpet material used for your rugs.
  5. Getting a reputable professional rug cleaner. Gentle and proper rug cleaning treatment do not damage your carpet. In fact, your rug should be cleaned professionally at least once a year to ensure embedded dirt and stains are thoroughly removed. Accumulated dirt cause carpet to look dull and the discolouration would be more difficult to remove if they are left uncleaned for long time.

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