Why You Should Rotate Your Mattress

To some, flipping or rotating our mattresses is quite a phenomenon that is unheard of. But diving into the ‘science’ behind this activity, where even experts from renowned mattress companies have advised us to do so, we may finally get some sense of the benefits that rotating our mattresses gives.

What It Is?

Don’t sweat it — When we refer to “rotating mattress”, we literally mean the act of flipping over your mattress from one side to the other. Flipping our mattresses is one key component of mattress care and while this act may seem silly, it does provide benefits for not only our comfort but in several cases, also our investments.

Man rotating a mattressExperts have advised us to flip our mattresses every 3 or 4 months to prevent sagging on one side of the bed. Anyone who has had a dent in their beds understands exactly how uncomfortable the feeling is to have your lower back or bottom sunk down, leaving yourself in a terribly awkward position that makes it practically impossible to sleep well.

For past clients who have had their mattress cleaned by De Hygienique, they may have also noticed our friendly experts ensuring that their mattresses are flipped as part of the cleaning process for proper mattress care.

De Hygienique staff cleaning mattress professionally

Through regular flipping, we are evening out the comfort fillings in our mattress for a firmer, more even surface to prevent sagging or dents in our beds. More than the lasting comfort it provides for us to sleep on, this also keeps our money in check by prolonging the lifespan of our mattresses.

Man hugging multiple mattress

Let’s be honest, a great quality mattress comes at a hefty price tag, and it’s only wise to make the best out of our investments. If getting every cent worth is as simple as flipping your mattress every quarterly, why not?

Think your mattress may need more than just a flip? Let us help you get your mattress the proper care it needs with our Mattress Cleaning service today!

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