Your Dirty Carpet Is Making Your Allergy Worse

Have you ever taken a close look at your carpet, noticed the sheer amount of dust mites or hair accumulated within the carpet fibers and thought to yourself: “That looks sick…”

Well, that might as well be taken literally because you’re about to find out exactly how a dirty carpet can affect your health and worsen the allergy that you probably suffer from.


A frequent complaint many households have is the constant sneezing (sinusitis) among many types of allergies that they suffer. These allergies are typically caused by the accumulation of dust mites and mold in the air, and you’ve guessed it right – Your carpet is more than likely one of the culprits.

Woman Sneezing

Skin Irritation

If you suffer from eczema, athlete’s foot or other similar types of rash and irritation, you might be familiar with how dust mites and other allergens can play a part in worsening your condition.

Man scratching his arm

Immune System

Our immune system is working round the clock to beat bacteria and germs that may be harmful for the body. However, living in an environment that presents more harm to our body will only cause the immune system to work overtime without rest and that’s a sure recipe for disaster.

Respiratory Problems

Another way these pesky dust mites and dirt make our life harder than it needs to be is by clogging up our airways, making breathing difficult. Excessive coughing or asthma are clear signs that the air needs some cleaning, and yes, that begins with our dust-breeding carpets!

It’s no doubt that our carpets are great vessels for such microorganisms to breed, especially so if you do not give it a proper cleaning every now and then. Thankfully, that’s what we specialise in, so reach out and let us help!

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