Sofa Cleaning

Keep your fabric/leather sofa clean by removing dirt, stains, and bacteria.

Rug Cleaning

Extend the lifespan of your rug through the removal of embedded dirt.

Carpet Cleaning

Remove dirt, stains and micro organism with our low moisture carpet cleaning service.

Disinfection Service

Safely disinfect surfaces with our services which kills 99.999% bacteria and viruses.

Mattress Cleaning

Deep clean your mattress that traps dirt and millions of dead skin cells.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Deep clean carpets with low moisture carpet cleaning service, and no downtime.

Mattress Stain Removal

Effectively and safely remove stains on mattresses with our state-of-the-art technology.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Preserve your sofa quality with our low-moisture cleaning method.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Safely clean dirt, grease, and stains on your leather sofa.

Upholstery Cleaning

Deep clean your upholsteries with our chemical safe and eco friendly cleaning products.

Dining Chair Cleaning

Deep clean your dining chairs where food stains and debris can be a breeding ground