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Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

Professionally cleaning your carpets and rugs is essential to ensure thorough, tailored maintenance that prolongs their lifespan, enhances indoor air quality, and preserves their aesthetic and functional value. 

Our services are designed to transform your carpets and rugs, ensuring they not only look pristine but are also free from dirt, allergens, and stains. With our expertise, your floor coverings will maintain their beauty and plushness for years to come.

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The Difference Between Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs, though similar, have subtle differences. Both accumulate dust, dirt, and allergens over time, making professional cleaning essential.

Larger floor coveringsSmaller and more versatile
Installed wall-to-wallEasily moved or replaced
Commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, and commercial spacesUsed to define specific areas within a room
Made of various materials, including wool, synthetic fibers, or blendsAvailable in diverse materials, offering different textures and designs
Enhance the aesthetics of the room, provide comfort, and help with insulationServe both functional and decorative purposes, protecting the flooring beneath and adding style to the space

How Often Should You Clean Your Rugs and Carpets?

Regular cleaning is key to maintaining clean and fresh rugs and carpets. The recommended cleaning frequency varies based on usage, but our experts will assist you in creating a customized cleaning schedule for a healthier living space.

Our recommendation:

  • Daily vacuuming is essential for areas with high foot traffic or homes with pets.
  • Twice a week vacuuming is recommended for medium-traffic areas.
  • Weekly vacuuming is sufficient for spaces with light traffic.
  • Beyond regular vacuuming, professional cleaning via steam cleaning or dry cleaning is advised every six months to ensure a healthy living environment and alleviate allergies.

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods and De Hygienique’s Approach

Here are various carpet cleaning methods which will help you understand why our approach stands out.

Infographic: Different Carpet Cleaning Method

De Hygienique employs a specialized, low-moisture technique that ensures a quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly clean. Our method doesn’t saturate your carpets and rugs, making them ready for use almost immediately.

How De Hygienique Cleans Your Carpet and Rugs

Treatment Process


During the carpet cleaning process, the rotating brushes in the carpet cleaning machine loosen dirt, clean the carpet pile, and lift the flattened carpet.


The carpet is cleaned by applying pinewood cleaning compounds and brushing them into carpets to absorb stains and dirt.

Collection of Compound

During this step, soiled compound on the carpet is brushed out into an attached tray. An additional round of vacuuming will be repeated to ensure thorough removal of the compound.


We do not just clean, we also sanitise your carpet. A specially formulated antibacterial solution would be applied on cleaned carpet to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, as well as delay the reoccurrence of dust mites and allergies.

Why Choose us for Your Rug and Carpet Cleaning?

Our service not only ensures a deep and thorough clean but also offers faster drying times. We use eco-friendly products, promoting a healthier indoor environment and preserving the longevity of your carpets and rugs.

With nearly two decades of experience, we excel in handling a wide range of carpet and rug materials and types. Our professional service not only guarantees a deep clean but also emphasizes your health and satisfaction.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Frequency of carpet cleaning depends on the footfall traffic on the carpet. Generally, carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly on daily basis to remove loose debris and dirt on the carpet surface. Fine dirt particles, stains and microorganisms cannot be removed by vacuuming. Thus, professional carpet cleaning service should be engaged to deep clean your carpet at least once annually. If there is heavy footfall on the carpet, then twice a year deep cleaning is recommended.

De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service can clean your carpet just like any conventional carpet shampooing method.

State-of-the-art technology

Instead of using high amount of water and cleaning chemicals to clean carpet, De Hygienique uses counter rotating brush and environmentally friendly wood compound to deep clean carpet pile.


The sponge-like compound will be brushed into the carpet pile using the carpet cleaning machine. The biodegradable compound, made of wood and chemical safe carpet cleaning agent, will absorb dirt within the carpet pile effectively. Soiled compound will be thoroughly removed and discarded at the end of the carpet cleaning treatment. As we do need to rinse the carpet after the cleaning treatment, we will not discard any water waste after the cleaning is completed.

Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Professional carpet cleaner deep cleans carpet which is important to ensure embedded dirt and microorganisms are removed thoroughly. Indoor air pollutant from carpet may cause health hazard if not treated appropriately.

Unlike De Hygienique’s low moisture carpet cleaning service that does not require drying time, most wet carpet cleaning like shampooing and steam cleaning would require some drying time, depends on the amount of liquid injected into the carpet, and extracted at the end of the treatment. It may range from as long as 2 hours to 8 hours.

Carpet cleaning service cost varies depending on carpet size and conditions. Typically, bigger carpet surface area would cost less per square foot. Carpet cleaning would cost more if the carpet is dirty.

You should find out from your carpet seller what is the recommended carpet cleaning method for your carpet material. Using wrong carpet cleaning method for your carpet may cause permanent damage eg watermarks, loose carpet tile, etc. Carpet cleaning using moist compound is the safest cleaning method because this cleaning method does not wet the carpet, so there is no risk of shrinkage, discoloration, mould, etc.

Yes. De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service uses enzyme odor removal treatment to remove biological soiling on carpet and rugs. This treatment is chemical safe, effective and safe to all user

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