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Get rid of dirt, stains and micro organism with our dry carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

Carpet cleaning service is essential to maintain the carpet in your home or working premise. Carpet cleaning does not only remove unsightly stains on the carpet, regular carpet cleaning helps to prolong carpet’s lifespan. So, it is a wrong conception to think that only heavily soiled or badly stained carpet require professional cleaning service.

The carpet inhibits unthinkable amount of dust, dirt particles and myriad of dust mites and other microorganism like bacteria, fungi, mold, etc. So even if you don’t see any stains, it does not mean your textile flooring does not need professional cleaning.

Regular professional carpet cleaning would not only help to remove accumulated dirt and stains in the carpet, frequent carpet cleaning also helps to remove potential harmful microorganisms that thrives within the carpet pile.

Carpet cleaning does not need to be obtrusive, contrary to common wrong perception. Your flooring can be deep cleaned and sanitised without injecting water and shampoo that causes it to be wet and not walkable till at least 6 hours later after drying process.

De Hygienique’s treatment uses chemical safe and natural products to deep clean carpet. Although many traditionalists believe carpet should still be washed with water and shampoo, many years of research and development has successfully improved dry carpet cleaning technology to produce cleaning result that will not be inferior to wet methods.

Advantages of De Hygienique’s Carpet Cleaning Service

1. No downtime 

Carpet Cleaning result

After Carpet Cleaning

You can walk on the carpet during the carpet cleaning treatment. For business owners, this means business can remain running as usual. For home owners, this means you can use the carpet while carpet cleaning service is in progress.

2. No drying time needed

Unlike typical wet carpet cleaning, De Hygienique cleans carpet without using buckets of water and shampoo. Thus, carpet does not need many hours of drying time. In fact, you can use the carpet immediately after carpet cleaning is completed.

As carpet remains dry during and after cleaning, cleaned carpet will not give off bad odour – a common unpleasant feedback received after carpet is cleaned using wet cleaning methods – due to insufficient drying.

3. Save The Earth

Since no drying is needed after carpet is cleaned using De Hygienique’s low moisture carpet cleaning treatment, there is no need to turn on the Air Conditioner or blower overnight to dry carpet, which uses a lot of electricity.

Besides saving energy, using biodegradable carpet cleaning compound enables us to clean carpet without using a lot of water. Less reliance on water to clean carpet not only reduce water usage, this technology also reduces removal of toxic waste into the aqua sewage system.

4. Effective deep carpet cleaning
De Hygienique does not just provide surface carpet cleaning. We use chemical safe, eco friendly cleaning products to thoroughly deep clean carpet and eliminate microorganism like dust mites, mold and fungi.

De Hygienique cleans various types of carpet material:

How is dry carpet cleaning done?

We use biodegradable carpet cleaning compound to clean residential and office carpet. These sponge-like carpet cleaning compound are made of wood and maize. Certified safe by numerous international carpet cleaning accreditation bodies such as WoolSafe and IICRC, cleaning compounds are brushed into carpet pile to absorb dirt and stains during carpet cleaning treatment.

These environmental friendly carpet cleaning “sponges” effectively deep clean the carpet as specially designed carpet cleaning machine with motorised counter rotating brushes open up flattened carpet pile to open up carpet fibre to allow in-depth cleaning. Soiled compound would be thoroughly discarded after the cleaning treatment. Carpet cleaning treatment will be concluded with a sanitisation process using patented anti dustmite and germicidal product to eliminate microorganism that thrive in the carpet.

For more information about De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service treatment, please contact our Customer Service for complimentary consultation and onsite assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequency of carpet cleaning depends on the footfall traffic on the carpet. Generally, carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly on daily basis to remove loose debris and dirt on the carpet surface. Fine dirt particles, stains and microorganisms cannot be removed by vacuuming. Thus, professional carpet cleaning service should be engaged to deep clean your carpet at least once annually. If there is heavy footfall on the carpet, then twice a year deep cleaning is recommended.

De Hygienique can clean all fabric carpet used for commercial flooring. We use carpet cleaning technology and products that are certified safe by international carpet cleaning certification bodies like Insititute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Woolsafe to ensure our cleaning system produce safe and effective cleaning result.

De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service can clean your carpet just like any conventional carpet shampooing method.

State-of-the-art technology

Instead of using high amount of water and cleaning chemicals to clean carpet, De Hygienique uses counter rotating brush and environmentally friendly wood compound to deep clean carpet pile.


The sponge-like compound will be brushed into the carpet pile using the carpet cleaning machine. The biodegradable compound, made of wood and chemical safe carpet cleaning agent, will absorb dirt within the carpet pile effectively. Soiled compound will be thoroughly removed and discarded at the end of the carpet cleaning treatment. As we do need to rinse the carpet after the cleaning treatment, we will not discard any water waste after the cleaning is completed.

Not every stain can be removed during the cleaning treatment. Stain removal depends on the nature of the stain – i.e. age of stain, type of stain, which stain removal product was used prior to our cleaning treatment.

Depending on the amount of human traffic, most carpet should be cleaned at least once a year. If traffic is high, more frequent cleaning would be required.

Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Professional carpet cleaner deep cleans carpet which is important to ensure embedded dirt and microorganisms are removed thoroughly. Indoor air pollutant from carpet may cause health hazard if not treated appropriately.

Each carpet cleaning service providers would have their own cleaning technique and procedures. De Hygienique’s low moisture carpet cleaning methodology requires vacuuming before and after cleaning treatment to ensure thorough removal of dirt within the carpet.

Unlike De Hygienique’s low moisture carpet cleaning service that does not require drying time, most wet carpet cleaning like shampooing and steam cleaning would require some drying time, depends on the amount of liquid injected into the carpet, and extracted at the end of the treatment. It may range from as long as 2 hours to 8 hours.

Carpet cleaning service cost varies depending on carpet size and conditions. Typically, bigger carpet surface area would cost less per square foot. Carpet cleaning would cost more if the carpet is dirty.

De Hygienique uses chemical safe, environmental friendly cleaning product for our carpet cleaning treatment so we would not leave behind harmful chemical residue after the carpet cleaning is completed.

You should find out from your carpet seller what is the recommended carpet cleaning method for your carpet material. Using wrong carpet cleaning method for your carpet may cause permanent damage eg watermarks, loose carpet tile, etc. Carpet cleaning using moist compound is the safest cleaning method because this cleaning method does not wet the carpet, so there is no risk of shrinkage, discoloration, mould, etc.

Carpet often smells bad when the moisture in the carpet is not dried sufficiently after shampooing. As mould and bacteria grow in the damp carpet, these microorganism would emit musky odour.

Surfactants in shampoo often cause shampooed carpet to become sticky if the carpet is not rinsed sufficiently. Dirt particles will attach on sticky surfaces easily. So, if shampooed carpets are not rinsed appropriately, carpets may look dirty soon after cleaning.

Deep cleaning of carpet should be done by professional cleaning service providers who should have the necessary tools, cleaning products and experience to perform thorough cleaning of carpet, without causing permanent damage to your carpet. If in doubt, always check with your carpet supplier.

How soon you can walk on cleaned carpet depends on how dry your carpet is after carpet cleaning is completed. De Hygienique’s low moisture carpet cleaning service uses minimal liquid during the entire cleaning process. Thus, you can walk on the cleaned carpet immediately after cleaning service is completed, WITHOUT any drying time required.

You can walk on the carpet immediately after De Hygienique deep cleans your carpet as we use low moisture carpet cleaning technology. Thus carpet is totally dry after cleaning treatment is completed,. If your carpet is cleaned using wet cleaning method, then you are not recommended to walk on the carpet until the wet carpet is completely dry.

You are recommended to always check with your carpet manufacturer or supplier for their recommended carpet cleaning method.


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