Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Experienced Fabric Sofa Cleaners

Professional fabric sofa cleaners transforms your lounge area into a clean and hygienic space for complete relaxation. Their expertise ensures you get effective and safe maintenance of your soft furnishings.

With De Hygienique’s trained sofa cleaners, we have many years of experience and technical knowledge to deep clean and sanitise different types of fabric sofa materials. 

Trust the professionals to clean and maintain your upholstery; and extend its lifespan.

Cleaning Fabric Sofa

Why Choose De Hygienique?

De Hygienique revolutionised fabric sofa cleaning in Singapore with its introduction of low-moisture upholstery treatment in 2004. Unlike traditional wet shampooing, this method utilises encapsulation technology from Europe. Despite our unconventional approach, we are competent fabric sofa cleaners, as we pride ourselves on delivering effective results and remarkably short drying times. In fact, lightly soiled sofas are often ready for use immediately after cleaning treament.

How is Low-Moisture Sofa Shampooing Done?

The 4-Step Process

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STEP 1. Vacuuming

A quick and thorough vacuum brings a more effective clean by removing dust, dirt or hair before applying any cleaning agents onto the sofa.

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STEP 2. Shampooing

A low-moisture cleaning foam is meticulously shampooed against the sofa to encapsulate the dirt extracted from and beneath the surface of the sofa.

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STEP 3. Extraction

Dirty shampoo in the form of crystalised and encapsulated dirt or dust is then extracted and removed.

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STEP 4. Sanitization

Finally, the freshly cleaned sofa is sanitised with an antibacterial disinfection solution to keep pesky germs at bay.

Advantages of Low Moisture Sofa Cleaning Service

Low-moisture sofa shampooing offers numerous advantages, including safety for any sofa type, effectiveness, and minimal drying time. As professional fabric sofa cleaners, each team aims to provide our clients with an effective and convenient cleaning solution.  

Advantages of Low Moisture Sofa Cleaning Service Infographic

How often should you clean your fabric sofa?

  1. Vacuum your fabric sofa weekly to remove surface dirt and debris.
  2. Schedule professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months for a deeper clean.
  3. Consider more frequent cleaning if you have pets or allergies.

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Frequently Ask Questions

You may first vacuum your fabric sofa to remove any crumbs or loose particles. Then, you can add a mixture of water with baking sofa onto your couch to remove odours and loosen stains. Let the mixture rest for 15 to 30 minutes before vacuuming it away.

Always check with your furniture retailer for a recommended DIY cleaning product.

Regularly remove loose cushions and seats for thorough vacuuming. Ensure every corner of the seats are thoroughly vacuumed to remove loose dirt particles. If there is any spilage, quickly use a clean cloth to blot dry the soiled area. If needed, use mild dishwashing detergent solution to help you clean remaining visible stains on the fabric. Use a hair dryer to immediately dry the damp area to prevent water mark from forming.

Before starting any cleaning treatment on your sofa, always check against your sofa’s maintenance guide. If not sure, you can always contact the furniture retailer you bought the sofa from.

To deep clean a fabric sofa, you need a powerful vacuum cleaner with effective HEPA filter to remove any crumbs or loose particles within the fabric couch. Then, you can add a mixture of water with the baking soda onto your couch to remove odors. Let the mixture rest for 15 to 30 minutes before vacuuming it away. You can use mild dish washing detergent solution to blot stains on fabric. For thorough fabric sofa deep cleaning, engage professional sofa cleaners.

Regularly vacuum your sofa to ensure dust and dirt particles are removed. Get regular professional sofa cleaning service providers to thoroughly clean your sofa fabric to remove accumulated dirt and grease in the fabric to fresh up your fabric sofa.

Professional sofa cleaning typically varies according to your upholstery size and conditions, which determine duration needed to complete the cleaning. Price difference among different sofa cleaning service is due to the type of cleaning chemical and products used by the cleaning service provider.

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