House Dust Mite Control

If you have chronic allergy problem like Asthma, Rhinitis, Eczema, you may be highly sensitive to house dust mite.

House dust mites are mostly found in our home, embedded inside the mattress as they get their main source of daily necessities, i.e. food, water, warmth, from within the mattress.

House dust mites feed on our shed dead skin flakes that drop in the mattress. There are about 2 million dust mites in a regular Queen Sized Mattress.

Besides the mattress, house dust mites are commonly found in other soft furnishings in our home like sofa, carpet, curtains and soft toys.

Allergic people tend to be sensitive with the excrements produced by house dust mites which would affect their breathing, sleeping quality, skin, etc.

If you or your loved ones suffer from allergy problems, you may wish to assess the dust mite problem in your residence. You can contact our Customer Service Hotline to find out more about our house dust mite treatment for your home.

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