Leather Sofa Cleaning

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning

For leather sofas, professional cleaning and moisturising are essential to remove dirt and stains while maintaining their beauty. 

De Hygienique uses professional grade leather shampoo and high grade leather conditioner solutions to safely clean and moisturise upholstery without risking discoloration.

Employee Cleaning Leather Sofa with machine

How is Leather Sofa Cleaning Done?

Cleaning Process

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STEP 1. Vacuuming

A thorough vacuum results in a more effective shampooing process on your leather sofa, by removing loose dust, dirt and crumbs between leather folds and creases.

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STEP 2. Shampooing

The sofa is meticulously shampooed with a soft brush that ensures the shampoo effectively cleans dirt and grease from the surface of the leather.

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STEP 3. Cleaning

The leather sofa will then be thoroughly wiped using clean damp cloth to ensure all soiled shampoo is removed.

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STEP 4. Moisturising

To retain a luxurious and fresh appearance, a leather moisturiser is applied onto your sofa to soften the leather, and prevent cracks from forming.

Advantages of Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning

Safe Cleaning

We carefully clean leather sofas, removing dirt, grease, and stains safely for a cleaner, safer couch

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance by our professional cleaners can prolong your leather sofa’s lifespan, preserving your investment for generations.


Skip the hassle of researching and DIY cleaning. Let us handle the task for you, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

Leather Sofa - Before & After cleaning

How often should you clean your leather sofa?

  • Dust or vacuum your leather sofa weekly using a soft brush attachment.
  • Opt for professional leather cleaning every 6 to 12 months.
  • Ensure your leather sofa remains supple and free of dirt and stains.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Professional leather sofa cleaning typically varies according to your upholstery size and conditions, which determine duration needed to complete the cleaning. Price difference among different sofa cleaning service is due to the type of cleaning chemical and products used by the cleaning service provider.

There are a variety of leather cleaners and conditioners available. That said, the ideal and most effective way to have your leather sofas cleaned would be to leave it to the professionals.

You should avoid using baby wipes for your leather sofa at all cost. This is due to the existing chemicals and ingredients in baby wipes that usually cause leathers to peel and crack.

The safest way to clean your leather sofa is to use a damp cloth rinsed with water. There are some natural leather material that are sensitive to moisture. If unsure, you may call your furniture seller or leather cleaning professionals.

You may use a diluted solution of water and dishwashing detergent, dampened on a cloth to clean your leather sofa. But always check with your furniture seller if this cleaning method is safe for your leather sofa.

Ideally, you’re recommended to have your sofa professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

The best way to clean your leather sofa would be to engage the professionals who uses professional cleaning equipments and technologies to effectively disinfect and rid from stains.

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