Flattened Dull Rug

After a long time of usage, you may feel your carpet seems flat and looking dull. This is because the carpet pile has flattened and accumulated amount of dirt is collected in the carpet.

De Hygienique offers revolutionary dry carpet cleaning service that uses biodegradable organic natural cleaning compound using wood and corn from Austria.

Our carpet cleaning and sanitizing treatment would remove dirt thoroughly from the bottom of carpet and brush the carpet pile inside out. Your carpet pile will feel soft and look refreshed at the end of the treatment.

As our treatment does not use any water or chemical, you can have a cleaned and sanitized carpet within a few hours in your residence. You also need not worry of shrinkage or colour discolouration after the carpet cleaning and sanitizing treatment.

Our carpet cleaning service is certified with Wool Safe by internationally accredited organizations and recommended by leading carpet manufacturers.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at +6567491950.